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About Muyo

Muyo is a startup that has developed various care packages to perfectly equip mothers during childbed. They provide mother and child with all the important things that are indispensable in the first few weeks - and with some that simply help to better enjoy this often challenging time. Muyo's goal, more time and serenity for everything that is really important in this exciting phase of life ...

About the project

It was really important for the design to create an appearance that exudes an all-round sense of well-being and trust. A color scheme of delicate old rose creates a calm and serene atmosphere. Combined with a strong green, it shows strength and self-confidence. This effect is supported by the contrasting typography. With its high-contrast line widths, the logo appears gentle, at the same time tender, in return it was set in capital letters and thus combines an expression of firmness. The surrounding circle makes the brand message of care even clearer.