• brand strategy
  • brand development
  • logo design
  • corporate design
  • typography
  • design system
  • brand material
  • wireframing
  • information architecture
  • UI/UX
  • project management
  • IT management
  • testing
  • quality assurance

About Kern/!/Essenz

›Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.‹

Kern/!/Essenz is a growth expert supporting people in living authenticity and to love and accept themselves in the ›flow‹. The growth expert doesn't use pre-built methods but instead offers individual procedures for each client and guides her or him on a deep journey into their inner selves. Kern/!/Essenz is built from three key scopes: Coaching, Profiling and Training/Education (both active and passive).

About the project

The new Kern/!/Essenz website is based firmly on the brands core principles and presents itself in an exploratory, modern and vivid newspaper-like design. The visitor enters the Kern/!/Universe through a multisite-system that spans Kern/!/Profiling, Kern/!/Coaching and Kern/!/Ausbildung (training). The website opens up exciting dimensions of self-empowerment tailored to each visitor's needs.