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DREAM ICON magazine is a holistic source of inspiration for particularly selected topics from the areas of automotive, travel, art, enjoyment and sophisticated lifestyle.Twice a year, the DREAM ICON print edition presents its readers the newest and the most interesting stories in a unique journalistic and aesthetic quality; exciting portraits and interviews with extraordinary people share exclusive insights to a very special world. DREAM ICON is discovering new travel destinations and unique hideaways worldwide and invites its readers to dream along. In addition to the print edition, the DREAM ICON magazine offers its readers a further source of inspiration with the digital magazine throughout the year.

About the project

DREAM ICON is the Corporate Publishing project of AIL - Leasing and Finance, developed in collaboration with Artology - Magazin and Gallery. Based on a sustainable business and brand strategy, we developed not only the unique design concept, we also shaped the overall content concept of the publication in teamwork with Mark Robinow, CEO of Artology. Our services range from topic selection, article writing, to logo and magazine design. The look and feel of the magazine layout is very elegant, fine and classic. This is due to the clear page layout, which convinces with a lot of white space for a better calm. The appearance adapts perfectly to the content and represents it stylishly and luxuriously.

Dream Icon