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  • brand strategy
  • brand development
  • logo design
  • corporate design
  • typography
  • design system
  • website
  • text
  • photo shooting
  • brand material
  • project management

About Pragsattel Realestate

Pragsattel Real Estate started out purely as a family office but in order to secure the future, families must grow and that is why they have consistently expanded their business areas over the years without forgetting their roots. In this way, they remained agile at all times, with stability and flexibility in perfect harmony. At Pragsattel Real Estate, they follow the principles of E(nvironmental) S(ocial) G(overnance), the voluntary commitment to a sustainable corporate culture. By including/embracing ecological, social and corporate responsibility in everything they do, they not only want to contribute to better living and working conditions. Therefore they work day after day to create lasting value for society, their tenants and our investors alike. 

About the project

To show the value and meaning of their beliefs, a brand strategy was developed in which we supported the further development of the brand. A corporate design and design system, with carefully chosen fonts, vibrant colors and newly shot photos, was established to reflect their wishes and goals of the brand, which are modern, classic and yet sophisticated. The design elements of the website as well as the logo are a combination of static lines and different geometric shapes, which were chosen to reflect the aesthetics of architecture and bring certain harmony. 

Pragsattel Real Estate