• idea/concept
  • corporate design
  • logo design
  • wireframing
  • storytelling 
  • information architecture
  • project management
  • UI/UX
  • website relaunch
  • IT management
  • testing
  • quality assurance

About Vertriebsimpuls

The right impulse - nothing less is what the sales-, distribution- and communication-experts from ›Vertriebsimpuls‹ provide, a powerful boost on the path to your specific goals and visions, without any deviation. ›Vertriebsimpuls‹ is a guiding star to optimum business- and sale-structures - and transforms distribution into an art with passion. 

About the project

The new website for ›Vertriebsimpuls‹ encourages users to explore the depth of brand new approaches towards distribution and sales with the greatest ease. Interactive impulses and exiting dynamics seamlessly connect corporate benefits, expert portraits and project references. A well balanced choice of unusual color ranges and the experimental layout composition emphasize the unconventional philosophy of ›Vertriebsimpuls‹ and communicate content on several levels of perception.