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  • project management

About Silena

SILENA, your soulful hotel is a design and boutique hotel brand, founded in 2017 in Vals, South Tyrol, by Simon and Magdalena Mair. It underwent a remarkable metamorphosis, breathing new life into its rich history, and merging its South Tyrolean roots with captivating South Asian influences. The infinity motif, reminiscent of traditional Asian fabric patterns, has been uniquely reimagined through a South Tyrolean lens.

The natural design elements extend seamlessly from the exterior façade to the interior spaces: covering room dividers, wall tapestry and print materials, creating a sense of infinite harmony and a cohesive aesthetic. This interplay between inspiration and recreation, South Tyrol and Asia, whitespace and cozy intimacy is an ongoing design dance within SILENA.

About the project

For this project we worked for the boutique lead agency ›unikateur‹, which has offices in Bolzano, Munich and Hamburg. The company's mission is to develop and market extraordinary hotel concepts that are perfectly tailored to the wishes and abilities of their hosts. With their project SILENA, an extraordinary hotel in beautiful South Tyrol, ›unikateur‹ created an outstanding concept on the basis of which we were able to redesign the corporate design under their guidance.

Based on the South Asian and Tyrolean roots in architecture and interior design, it was an important part for us to incorporate the mixed visuality of these two different directions and to bring harmonious shapes and a sense of comfort into the existing design. The logo - composed of circles - represents individuals, each with their own ideas, desires, and needs, while also symbolizing unity.

The shape of the circle guides the customer through the world of SILENA and its structures convey a sense of comfort. Another key part in the design of SILENA was intertwining nature with the architectural structures and transferring this onto the print design to further create a sense of unison with the surroundings of the hotel. The webdesign - based on our design system - was created by Hantha.