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Richter Rechtsanwälte

About Richter Rechtsanwälte

Richter Rechtsanwälte is a law firm based in Munich. The firm defends individuals and advises companies in all areas of criminal law. Richter Rechtsanwälte defends the rights and freedoms of its clients with commitment and passion. The firm strives for the highest quality, precision and efficiency in both complex and minor proceedings.

About the project

For the law firm Richter Rechtsanwälte, a logo was designed that stands out for its clarity and comprehensibility. The E is reminiscent of a book. It underlines the professionalism and uniqueness of the firm. In addition, the Richter Rechtsanwälte website was designed with a special focus on user-friendliness. The site contains a huge amount of information and our task was to make this information easily accessible to all users. Special attention has been given to easy navigation so that clients can easily find the sections they need and quickly get the help they need.

Richter Rechtsanwälte