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Orto Paradiso

About Orto Paradiso

Orto Paradiso is a secluded Eden on the Amalfi Coast. Rooted deeply in one of the world’s most beautiful regions in the world, the boutique hotel is a stunning open-space hillside property overlooking the picturesque village of Minori and the iconic dramatic Amalfi Coast. Within a lush setting of Mediterranean terraced gardens, few rooms and many large outdoor areas make it a unique gem for selected guests that enjoy an experience beyond the ordinary hotel.

About the project

Our goal was to build a charming brand, which corresponds to the unique location and represents the soul of the family-run hotel. The result was a signet in sunny, shimmering gold, which can be viewed in many layers. Divided into its individual components, we can recognize the attributes of the elements water, sun and earth. At second view, the beauty of nature reveals itself to us in the form of a female figure. It seems like she rising from a blossom and watching over this special place. This feeling of freedom, lightness and closeness to nature runs through the entire corporate design for Orto Paradiso.

Orto Paradiso