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  • corporate design
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  • design system
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About nacani

Nacani is a 100% pure and natural product which contains the finest hemp oil with a natural amount of CBD to increase your dog's well-being and quality of life. It also helps with mental health problems, such as restlessness or other anxieties. The assortment includes very delicious dog hemp snacks and pure hemp oil as food supplement. Nacani is superfood for dogs; Rich in valuable ingredients. The company produces the snacks by themselves in order to guarantee the highest quality standard.

About the project

Nacani's corporate design is inspired by kindness, transparency and uniqueness as these key factors reflect the brand and its products. Brand, packaging, online shop, advertisement – the CI is consistently applied over diverse platforms and environments to achieve a positive impression through modern, dynamic and timeless design components. The online shop allow the user to explore nacani's products, insights or dosing calculator in a pleasant and well-guided manner.