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About Loest Hof

Loests Hof is a 250 metre long, four-storey perimeter block development and one of the largest residential complexes ever built in Germany. The industrial estate, which provided working, storage and living space in the early years of the city, is one of the last fully preserved urban monuments of its kind.

Originally characterised by workshops, sheds and stables, the former industrial yard has been transformed into a charming courtyard. Today it is a place to rent an apartment, but also a meeting place for residents to form a community. The redevelopment of the historic trading yard helps to preserve its significance and gives it a contemporary function as a place to live, meet and relax.

About the project

The design focuses primarily on the Loests Hof building and its surroundings. The courtyard, for example, with its many planned green spaces, has a calming and positive effect on the residents. Visually, there will be a huge upgrade, which will also be reflected on the website. The pastel colours give the site a high quality and friendly look. The shapes of the various windows are used to highlight important details, but also to integrate images and thus create an individual look for the website of Loests Hof.

Loests Hof