• corporate design
  • info brochure
  • online group-order-forms
  • routing slip
  • flyer
  • sign
  • carbranding

About Lederhosenverleih

The Lederhosenverleih in Munich, founded in 1995, rents out traditional costumes and accessories for the Oktoberfest and other occasions throughout the year. Centrally located in Maxvorstadt on Amalienstraße, it also offers the opportunity to dress people from all over the world in Lederhosen, Dirndl and everything else the Bavarian fashion heart desires.

About the project

In order to standardize and simplify the company's processes, we designed a brochure in line with the corporate design to present content such as rental and purchase prices, size charts, the ordering process and FAQs in a clear and concise manner. We also created a routing slip for direct customers in the shop and online group-order-forms to make the rental and purchase process understandable, simple and efficient for everyone. To complete the design and make it visible in everyday life, we also designed signs inside and outside the shop and stickers for the Lederhosen express van that delivers and collects the goods from customers.