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About Fab4Media

Visionary thinking meets talent-oriented businessmanagement - with this premis Fab4Media has been shaping and inspiring the influencer industry since 2014. The overall goal of the business is to influence and move people by bringing together exceptional influencers and brands. Their team, consisting of talent managers, PR managers, brand development experts, e-commerce specialists and content creators, has been able to establish Fab4Media as a pioneer of influencer marketing - especially through their groundbreaking concepts and breathtaking projects whose impact can be seen, felt and proven worldwide.

About the project

The Fab4Media corporate design has been designed to reflect the modern and youthful spirit of the agency as well as the zeitgeist of this generation. The narrow placement of design elements and typography transports the close work of the agency with their talents and customers. The clean yet bold stylistic is supported by geometric shapes and lines that guide the eye and make information aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to understand. The logotype mirrors the ever-changing and exciting trends that the agency adapts to seamlessly with its bold and modern characteristics and can also be used as a stencil. The website is meant to express the personality of the Fab4Media Team and intends to make it exciting and fun to discover their various talents and services. The business cards also bring a certain luxurious and high-quality feeling to the brand with the subtle integration of texture and reflective materials.