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About Antonia Zander

Antonia Zander combines traditional tailoring with Italian knitting and explores the close relationship between techniques of knitting and weaving. The constant examination of different contrasts defines her work: tradition meets ›Zeitgeist‹, sustainability meets technology, simplicity meets opulence. By borrowing from couture techniques of the past and harnessing a sensitivity for materials, for volumes and colour, a timeless aesthetic and sophisticated modern design language is created that typifies the Antonia Zander style. With a focus on utilising selected luxurious and natural materials, the profound knowledge of traditional craftsmanship together with detailed workmanship and a high standard of wearability and authenticity expresses this philosophy in two words: mindful luxury!

About the project

The new designed online shop for Antonia Zanders exquisit collections reflects the timeless quality of her work in every piece of the UX. If you pay attention on the details you can find some extraordinary elements that are reflecting the playful character of her design and fabric patterns. The contemporary grid allows the page to breathe and makes it easy to keep the focus. We wish you a lot of fun exploring the incredible work of Antonia Zander.

Antonia Zander