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Andre de Plessel

About André de Plessel

André de Plessel, a French-Italian art and fashion photographer, is currently showcasing his work in a series of exhibits across major cities such as Munich, London, Paris, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. With a vast experience in commercial and fashion/beauty photography, André de Plessel has gained worldwide recognition for his provocative and daring art photographs. Many of his photographs capture the lustful, at times forbidden, side of desirable women.

About the project

We have created a brochure showcasing the talent of the French-Italian photographer, André de Plessel. Our aim was to highlight the unique style and artistry of the  photographer. While André de Plessel is well-known for his striking black and white photography, he also demonstrates a mastery of color photography. The brochure layout has a modern and minimalist feel, with a clean and sleek aesthetic that puts the focus squarely on the photographer's work.

Andre de Plessel