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About Daniela Sieber

Daniela Siebers is a respected conservator specialising in the restoration of paintings and sculptures. Her work is based in the artistic centre of Munich, Schwabing, where she is passionately dedicated to the conservation and restoration of works of art from all eras and cultures. Her studio in this former artists' quarter invites you to visit her and benefit from her expert advice and customised concepts for the treatment of works of art.

About the project

The design work focussed on developing the corporate design for Daniela's restoration studio. The timeless and elegant logo, characterised by brushstrokes and a golden frame, reflects the artistic sophistication. The innovative logotype with truncated serifs creates a visual contrast and gives the branding a modern touch. The high-quality design of the business cards and brochure, with particular attention to typography and image presentation, contributes to the professional presentation of the brand. The colour choice for the studio entrance sign in strong blue was strategically chosen to generate maximum attention and strengthen the brand image. Overall, the design work represents the expertise and versatility of Daniela's restoration studio in an appealing and thoughtful way.

Daniela Sieber