• brand strategy
  • customer survey
  • brand development
  • logo redesign
  • design system
  • typography
  • visual language
  • icon design
  • catalog layout
  • packaging

About 7days

7days is the preferred apparel destination for medical professionals, offering a wide range of comfortable, quality clothing to suit every taste. 7days' commitment to style is evident in fresh and vibrant colours that add variety, complemented by cool details that enhance individual looks. The company prides itself on using innovative materials, cuts and functional features that provide more than just clothing, but a seamless blend of comfort and performance. 7days is redefining the standard of workwear with a focus on both style and functionality.

About the project

Our primary objective was to develop a new design concept for 7days that exuded confidence, showcased the company's distinctiveness and differentiated its look and feel from other market competitors. We orchestrated a significant transformation of the brand, giving it quality, uniqueness and appeal. Creating a strong connection with the target audience was paramount in the design concept for 7days, ensuring that every aspect of the brand exuded confidence and resonated with their preferences and needs. The redesigned logo is a symbol of the longevity and high quality of the products. The 7days lettering is based on a geometric sans serif grotesque with clean lines. The two circles symbolise day and night and focus on the hard work of the 7days wearer. Through meticulous attention to detail in the catalogue layout and imagery, we skilfully showcased the company's offering and exceptionally wide range of products in all areas.