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About Cartier TANK

Cartier, whose name is synonymous with open-mindedness and curiosity, sees beauty in everything. The TANK embodies an uncompromising and modern lifestyle in the style of Cartier. At the beginning of the 20th century, wristwatches were still traditionally round. The Tank de Cartier was different. Its rectangular design was considered avant-garde at the time and still is today. Its special trademark is two parallel side bars. Their shape - inspired by the silhouette of a tank seen from a bird's eye view - follows a clear graphic principle: the side bars represent the tracks, the housing the driver's station. With the Tank, the design of the lugs blends seamlessly - like an extension of the bracelet - into the ensemble for the first time.

About the project

Accompanying the exhibition to honor 100 years of Cartier Tank, a web concept and a visitor registration system was developed to highlight the watch and the exhibition. The tank shape of the watch was chosen as the guiding element in the one pager. It should symbolize the longevity and timelessness of the tank and runs from top to bottom through the site. Additionally, a visitor registration system was created, which was a helpful and necessary tool during the pandemic period. We decided on, which was easily implemented into the created design and concept.

Cartier TANK