• event concept
  • event planning
  • event organisation
  • logo design
  • design system
  • event website
  • poster / flyer design
  • social media ads
  • social media posts
  • social media stories

About Frühling auf 4 Pfoten

›Frühling auf 4 Pfoten‹ is a spring dog market in Munich, Germany, organised by and with local manufacturers and took already place for the second time in 2023. As well as interesting dog-related exhibitors supported by volunteer organisations, there is plenty of food on offer and great specials such as dog photography in a beautiful setting.

About the project

To make ›Frühling auf 4 Pfoten‹ visible on as many channels as possible, we designed a logo, posters, a digital flyer, a website including a webvideo as well as Social Media stories, posts and ads. The vibrant colour palette creates a spring feeling, conveys a good mood and invites people to visit the event.

Frühling auf 4 Pfoten